Sunday, June 24, 2012




      There is nothing better in the whole wide world, than having all of my children together.  I loved the week they were home so much.  My favorite part was listening to them visit with each other.  WE had so much fun laughing, and reminiscing.  It is so crazy that they all remember the same things.  One games we played, three of them all used quotes for the same M*A*S*H*  episode, Tuttle.    How fun was that!  I am so proud of every child, and am so Grateful that they are mine.  What a blessed mother I am!!!  Oh, how I hated to have it come to an end.  Thank you so much Lisa and Patrick for allowing Luke and Clarissa to come home.  Now I look forward until we have everyone together…

My family

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day

memorial day


We had the best Memorial Weekend. Suzy and Todd and Lucy came home, and we went to the Cabin. We had Wyatt, Ashlie, and Patch too. It was so fun to have the two babies together. The first of many trips to the cabin for both of them I hope. We took tons of pictures of them, but sad to say none of them were with my camera.

One of my favorite things during the weekend, was taking a morning walk with Randy, just in time to help Dave, the caretaker put up the flag. I thought that was very fitting for Memorial Day.

We came home and went to the cemetery with Mom. It was as beautiful as always. I am prejudiced I know, but I doubt there can be a prettier cemetery anywhere. It was nice to visit the graves of people we have been doing family history work for. There are a lot of people out there that have helped us have the wonderful lives we do today. It always makes me lonesome for my mom and dad and Pat.  Marv and Nadine used to come to the cemetery with us every year.  It is hard to believe that this year Marv had to visit Nadine at the cemetery.  I thought alot about her as well.

Actually my very favorite part of the weekend, was having Lincoln there.  His days with us are numbered, and I loved so much having him spend time with all of us.  He played a ton of ping pong games, and wasn’t content until he had beaten Wyatt repeatedly.  He had Rhett did some muddy four-wheeling in a snow storm.  Times like that I will remember for two years, and look forward to having it happen again.


These are my “Little Boys”

Still as cute as ever!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012


baseball collage


       I had the most fun on a stormy Wednesday night. I got to watch all of my boys, Randy included, teach a baseball clinic.  Zach is the President of the Madison Baseball Association.  He has set it up totally different.  He has two leagues.  A competitive league for those who already know how to play, and have Fathers who will help them.  The Father part isn't a requirement, but you can tell what players have those kind of Fathers, and those who don't.  The other league is for those who are just learning the basics.  Every other week they hold a clinic for the instructional league to teach them basic skills.  This week Zach enlisted his dad and brothers.  It was so fun to watch.   I loved it.  They were all so patient, and kind.  Our boys all know the game very well, and it has come so easily to them.  Some of those little boys didn't have a clue, and even simple skills were too hard for them.  Lincoln asked me how Dad taught them all how to play and made it so easy.  Randy said it was by starting when they were Two.  Because of that they all Love Baseball. It  it was so great to see them try to help others little boys learn to love  Baseball as well.  I was so proud of all of them, I could have burst, and I LOVE BASEBALL!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Payson Patch

Payson Patch  Sutton was born Monday May 14th. He weighed 5 lbs 15 oz. We are sooo happy that he is here. His birth brought lots of emotions.

     I have been proud of Wyatt for lots of reasons through the years, but never as proud as the minute he became a Father. He was so in awe at the miracle of concerned for his little ones ability to adjust to this mortal proud of how well Ashlie had done, then so compassionate as he helplessly watched her suffer.
   Payson had trouble breathing when he was born so was whisked off to the NICU. They let Wyatt and both Grandmas go see him. He was laying in the isolette, with a look of dismay on his little face. I have never seen a baby respond so quickly and strongly to his Father.  As soon as Wyatt spoke and touched him, he looked right up at him. Then he rolled his whole body over and grabbed hold of Wyatt. It was the sweetest thing. He knew Wyatt in an instant, and knew he wanted to be with his dad. That was very touching for all who witnessed it, but especially for Wyatt. 

“Patch" (what his dad calls him) was soon out of trouble, and for a few minutes got to enjoy his mothers arms.
That was short lived however.

Ashlie had some scary and very very painful things going on. It took two surgeries to correct the problem, leaving her very weak, but finally
out of danger, and not in so much pain.

It had been quite a day. Wyatt had wondered first, if he would loose his Son then if he would loose his Sweetheart. Gratefully he lost neither. He was so grateful and so exhausted.
One blessing for Wyatt is that he has got to spend so much time with “Patch”, and has loved every minute of it. It has been so sweet to watch, for both Ashlie and I.

We are so grateful once again to Father in Heaven for allowing Payson Patch to come to our family. We are also very grateful for technology and modern medicine that insured the lives of both he and Ashlie. We now pray for a speedy recovery for Ashlie. We look forward to watching this precious family grow together. Patch is so blessed to come to such happy parents who are so in love with each other and with Heavenly Father.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day

Family Picture


Today is Mother's Day. Since Suzy had her baby I have thought a lot about my mothering experience. I remember now that it was a not an easy thing to do. It was exhausting, frustrating, and the most wonderful experience in the world. I look back and am honestly amazed that my children turned out so well. I know that it is mostly in spite of me, not because of me. I made so many mistakes. I know that it is because of help from Heavenly Father and through the Atonement of Jesus Christ that they are all such good people. The Savior filled in all the gaps, made up for my mistakes, and blessed me with the strength to do what I needed to every day. Thankfully my children have also been forgiving of me which helps.

So the moral of this story to all of you who now find yourselves in those exhausting, frustrating, wonderful days, and are praying with all you might that your children will turn out can know that Heavenly Father will carry you as well. You are not alone in your endeavor. He is helping you far more than you realize. He knows your little ones better than you, and will guide you to know what they need. They too will grow to be wonderful people

I am so proud of my children, and am so grateful for my partnership with Heavenly Father in raising them. They have taught me more than I have taught them. What I did teach them, I learned from my sweet mother....and on and on it goes..... The exhaustion, and frustration end, but the rewards never do.  I feel so very Blessed.

Baby Lucy

Suzys delivery














I have recently heard the Sweetest Words I have about ever heard.  Suzy saying  “I have never been so Happy.”  I had the privilege of being with she and Todd when Lucy was born.  It is such a “Joy” for me to have her feel and understand those indescribable feelings of being a mother.

How quickly  a baby can change your life forever.  For the first time you understand what True Love really is.   For the first time you  Witness a Miracle as that tiny perfect little being is laid in your arms, and  can actually feel the presence of Heavenly Father as he gives you that precious gift.

It was so wonderful to experience that moment with them!!

We were so grateful the Lucy was here safely and so Perfect.     When an attending Pediatric student, asked if she was my first grandchild, and I told her it was my 16th, she was surprised that I had been so emotional.  Every birth is such a blessing, how can you not be emotional, but  Lucy’s delivery was even more of a special blessing . Because of the way she started out we didn’t know if she would be born perfect.  Through Ultrasound we have seen a Cystic Hygroma covering her neck and back, and heard what it could cause,  and what she might look like. Because of  many prayers we  then  watched the Hygroma shrink, from one ultrasound to another. 

We know she is a Miracle,  and thank the many, many, people who have prayed for Lucy since she an 11 week  embroyo.

cystic hygroma

Suzy and Todd, Thank you so much for letting me share that wonderful day!

Heavenly Father Thank you so much for Lucy Lynn!

Lucy Thank you for coming to our family! We are so glad you are here!  Thank you for making your Mother so very happy!!!

Lucys birth


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Zion’s National Park

WE loved Zion’s so much that we went through it three times.  We found a great Hotel in Springdale, so we decided to go back to it for a second night.  At the hotel we met a couple you were Sutton’s from Sutton Cove in England.  There was a computer there so we got on to New Family Search to see if we were related.  They live 2 hours away from Lancashire were our Sutton’s came from…so who knows.  They were darling people.  We plan to keep in touch with them.  They invited us to stay with them in England, and we them to stay with us and go to Yellowstone.  A trip to England sounds delightful to me. 

Yes!!  The sky was that blue, and the tree’s were that green.  It was so BEAUTIFUL!!!!
DSC_0024 DSC_0059DSC_0013

DSC_0030  DSC_0039 DSC_0078DSC_0106

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tax Season Over…Hallelujah!!!

There isn't a better day in the year than the last day of tax season.  Not only do I think so, but now so do Lyndi and Ashlie.   I am as happy that they have their husbands back, and I am to have my own.  Actually a little more happy for Lyndi.  Those days of little kids and no husband were much harder than now.  We all three we so happy to have fun get-aways!!!

Randy and my  fun began about a half hour after Randy left the office.  We loaded our Harley on a trailer at Jack and Lorna's and headed for Southern Utah.  We began our vacation of laughter and great rides, with great eating, at Maddox Cafe in Brigham City.  What a great way to begin!!
We stayed our first night in a cheap hotel in Nephi, Utah.  Once again we learned, you get what you pay for.  It was cold that morning so we just kept driving in the pickup until the temperature got above 60.  That took us to Salena, where we unloaded the bikes.   Not far down the road was Richfield, where Randy and my good friend J'Lee Hansen Bennett lives.  We had such a fun visit with she and her husband Lee.  They took us to lunch.  She is so fun to be with.  It was great!  We also got to see her mom, Ruth who is 92.  That visit gave me lots of memories to think about, on that back of our Harley.

Blogging....Take Two!

  After a year and a half break I thought I would giving blogging another try.  It was actually fun for me to read my old posts.  I am having fun writing Gwen's blog, so I thought I ought to do my own here goes.....

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cold but Festive

This is how cold it was in Boston.  Out sweet little kids never whined a minute.  The adults on the other hand did some complaining. 

 You know it's cold when even the dogs are wearing coats.
It was a very festive place though.  This building was my favorite.  Lots of homes had these kinds of wreath in the windows, and many of them had candles.  It was beautiful.  I loved the architecture!!!  We had a very fun day even with the cold.  I even had a bowl of New England Clam Chowder  in New England.  I thought that was great, and it was oh- so yummy, and warm!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Freedom Trail

Yesterday we struck out to walk the Freedom Trail in Boston. I hate to bring this up as a reccuring theme in all of my recent posts...but it was SO cold that we didn't make it as far as planned. We were bundled from head to toe...but that humid cold got the best of us. However we did get to see the first few sites on the trail...including:

The Boston Settlers PlaqueOne of the oldest buildings in Boston, The Massachusetts State House
Samuel Adam's burial site:
King's Church:

The site of the Boston Massacre
Boston is such a beautiful city and it will take many trips back to see all that we want to see!

Friday, December 10, 2010

A Boston Welcome

Randy, Lincoln, and I, have come to visit Clarissa, Patrick, Graice, Alli, and Miles in Boston.
We came on the red-eye flight from SLC.  It actually wasn't bad at all.  At Least for me.
We arrived in Boston at 7:30 am (which was 5:30am in Idaho).  We rented a car and drove to Clarissa's.  We were so excited to get there.

    When we walked in the door to our surprise and delight, Miles went right to Randy, and gave him the sweetest hugs.  He wouldn't let got of him.  He didn't want me at all, but only had eyes for his Grandpa.  I think they must have had a special relationship in Heaven that Miles was remembering, because he hasn't seen his Grandpa for months.  It was so dang cute.  Thank heaven he has since warmed up to me, but he will gladly take Grandpa every chance he gets.

Hilary's Treasures

     Sunday was the blessing day for ADRIE CLAIRE WESTERN
 It was the nicest day.  Not only had Hilary made darling Adrie, but also her blessing dress.
She bought a woman's dress at the DI that looked very vintage.  She made up a dress pattern and created  a masterpiece from the material, lace, and pearls of the old dress.  It was beautiful!!  She also crafted booties, and headband, and braclet.  Everything was perfect!!
     Dan gave Adrie the sweetest blessing.  My favorite part, was that he blessed her to learn well from her mother.  To learn to be a wonderful homemaker and how to treat others kindly.   I thought that was such a special complement to Hilary, for Dan to want Adrie to be just like her.   I loved it!!!
 Hilary, ever the perfect  hostess made the day wonderful for all of those in attendance.  We are especially grateful to have Adrie in our family.  She was sweet as she could be and did her part well, looking like and angel, and not fussing a bit.  Who could ask for anything more?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Happy Thanksgiving

A Happy Thanksgiving
This year was pretty different.  We only had 3 for Thanksgiving dinner, Lincoln, Randy, and I.  To make it better we went to our  new favorite place!!  Island Park.  It is so beautiful there in the winter.  There was 3 feet of beautiful snow.  When it snows it comes straight down in, big, gentle,snow flakes.  It is so peaceful, just to watch it snow.  The trees are heavy with snow, and you have to make good use of the shovels. 
    We weren’t alone long.  Hilary, Dan, and their kids, and Luke , Lisa and girls came up for a couple of days.  We had a great time snowmobiling, on perfect snow, taking walks, eating, and enjoying each other. 

      We have much to be thankful for.  The Savior,  of course, is at the top of our list. Without him, nothing in our lives would matter.   We are also grateful for our missionary, who we really miss.  We are so grateful for our family. Grateful for  airplanes, and cell phones, so we can get to our talk to those who are far away.  WE are grateful for the laughter of children, and the sweetness of babies.  WE are grateful for our parents, and brothers, and sisters.  WE are grateful for the prospects of being with you all forever.  WE hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is there anything more wonderful than a new baby?

We are so happy to welcome KELLEN COLE to our family.
He was born  to Lyndi and Zach November 10, 2010.
 He comes to the cutest family of boys, a darling relieved mother, and a very proud dad………….  The ballgames just keep adding up!!!
He is number 14 for Randy and I, and thanks to Clarissa number 15 is on the way.

WE love this grandparent plan!!   Thank you Heavenly Father for sending such sweet ones to bless our lives!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010



It doesn’t get much better than spending a week with Great Friends.   Our dinner club ( of about 26 years) went to San Diego to Jack and Lorna Hoopes new second home.  Their home felt like we were at a resort.  Everything we could have asked for. It didn't hurt that it was in the 70's there, and snowing at home.   We loved every minute.  We went to the San Diego Temple twice, went to the beach, rode bikes by the beach, and my personal favorite, I got to ride with Jack on his Harley.  I felt like I was "Soaring over California".  I could smell the limes, and oranges as we drove by them. 
What we did the most was Laugh.  Everyone is so fun to be with.  We never run out of things to talk about. 
  We also got to spend an afternoon with Marsha Uday, and Natasha, which was an added bonus to our trip.  We loved seeing them, and enjoying the Sawhney hospitality complete with a wonderful home cooked meal a la’ Marsha. 
      I was actually very excited to get home however, as Kellen Cole had been born to Lyndi and Zach while we were away.  That didn’t even make the snow seem too bad.